• The Bridge, relived

    Here I am once again,
    pushing through the grey,
    that has wrapped around my life,
    grasping at light,
    never found,
    which once illuminated the worlds,
    that eclipsed me,
    no longer held by our gravity,
    but that of the earth and sky.

  • Outside Thoughts Pt. 1

    Let you entertain me,
    the words are heavy,
    with doubt,
    of a thousand dreams,
    where duality raises,
    higher than the broken all mighty.

  • Observing Secretions

    I can only imagine how you taste,
    under sex stained white shirts,
    and black jeans, 
    binding the stomping ground,
    between your legs.

    Your perfect face,
    and unbroken chin,
    slender build;
    an unbalanced smile.

    Detailed hands,
    thick with veins,
    which carry the blood,
    rich for a craving vampire.

  • Observations

    You’re as useful,
    as a burn on the face,
    from a sunbeam,
    through crystal,
    or a roaring fire,
    through oxygen.

    Painful and harsh,
    leaving marks of hatred,
    upon the flesh of innocence,
    red with venom,
    of anger and disgust,
    at ignorance of the norm,
    hiding away behind curtains,
    pressuring with 17th century romance,
    and possessive keepsakes,
    like compliments and promises

    Unhappiness and lonely nights,
    veils of white eyed coatings,
    dreaming of pairings,
    and filled bedsheets,
    unobtainable due to blindness,
    self inflicted.

  • Stuck

    The rush of fear, excitement and tension; it takes control of you like it’s a disease. All at once you’re frozen in a mash of emotion. Is it good enough? Will it succeed? Are you producing flat white, both positive and negative? You’re stuck.

    Views around show happy faces in their own aura of creativity, from pillar to post and the floor to ceiling windows; they’re drinking in the light from Gods eyes, their doubt hidden deep inside their presence. You’re stuck.

    Wondering if masses will mass and take in the visual liquid gold on walls, tables and floor tiles or will it descend into the gutter amongst other pass failures. You’re stuck.